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An Introduction to What's Not 2 Love

Posted by What's Not 2 Love on

Hello ladies!  

This is the beginning of a (hopefully) enjoyable blog where we can discuss relevant topics around life, fashion and our lovely website. We want you to feel part of our growing family because it really is all about you.

 So for our first post, it only seems fitting to talk to you about What's Not 2 Love and what we're all about. 

 As time passes, fashions change, our bodies change, we get older and clothes we loved previously no longer make us feel good. We start worrying about things that we never have done before and it's difficult to know how to adjust our style to suit. But it doesn't have to be.  

Size and age does not determine whether or not you can look and feel good. At What's Not 2 Love, we take pride in offering you styles that can achieve both! The majority of what we offer is Made in Italy, one-size clothing that we hand-pick with you in mind. We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable. So we like to keep bums and tums nicely packaged in flattering, but loose fitting clothing. Looking good and feeling good are not the same thing and it's often tricky to achieve both at the same time, but we believe you can. 

We cater for a wide range of sizes (because why should nice clothes be limited to certain sizes, right?), the majority being sizes 16-26. However, we do always carry options for sizes 10-30 and have plans to expand our collections for smaller and larger sizes. We also like to include colour and prints in our collections because colour makes you happy. Simple! Whether you enjoy being head to toe in colour or prefer a splash of colour, it really can change the way you feel.

Our motto? 'If you love it, wear it'. Because why not? Be proud of who you are and spread your happiness with us :)

What's Not 2 Love Team xx



  • I have been obese all my life (67yo) but have lost 8+stone the past year, going from size 24 to 12 🦋 I am disabled with ME and Fibromyalgia and am slow to accept and acknowledge the slimmer me. Purchasing flexible, one-size clothing has been a Godsend while I continue to lose weight. I am investing in a new wardrobe of practical clothing to wear today and for many years. I feel ‘proud and pretty’ in these colourful outfits. Thank you so much WN2L 😘

    Marzy on

  • I am soo looking forward to all that u wil being,as u said we change and I am finding one size clothing is the best for me,I’m sure I wil b a frequent buyer

    Lesley on

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