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100% recyclable packaging!



The fashion industry is one of the worst for the use of non-recyclable plastics. So we've made the decision to do our bit and make changes where we can, to help our beautiful planet. So, to start with, we're ditching the non-recyclable, polythene mailing bags and upgrading to a fully recyclable, carbon neutral, sugar cane alternative!


Will my shipping costs be increased?

The simple answer is, no. Sadly, it is more costly to use this eco-friendly alternative. However, we'll be absorbing those costs on your behalf so you can help the planet for free!


Will my order get damaged in the post?

Absolutely not. Our new bags are just as strong as our old bags, but are produced from 50% renewable resources and are 100% recyclable. Meaning your order will be protected as before but with added green credentials. We're ensuring that we do not compromise on the quality whilst reducing our carbon footprint.


How do I recycle my mailing bag?

All you need to do is put your mailing bag in with all other recyclable plastics. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary. Easy peasy!


What is sugar cane?

And now the sciency bit... it is a bio-based material belonging to the grass family and is a naturally grown raw material. It is the greenest material on the market!  Capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, it produces ethanol via a fermentation process, which involves crushing the stalks to extract sugar-rich cane juice. Fossil fuel-based polythene is not required, preventing emissions from going into the environment.


Why are you using sugar cane?

A little bit more clever science.... as it grows, sugar cane absorbs carbon gas from the air, therefore, taking it out of the atmosphere rather than emitting it. Due to it being 100% recyclable, it can then be fed back into the recycling stream. Sugar cane discourages the use of fossil fuels and is grown on reclaimed land, therefore having no impact on the rainforest. It is totally carbon neutral.


What does carbon neutral mean?

This is when the carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process, offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transport, keeping levels as they should be for a happy planet.