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New Year's Resolutions - GOOD IDEA OR BAD IDEA?

Posted by Verity Johnston on

New Year's resolutions can be a positive way to set goals and improve yourself. However, some argue that they may not be the most effective or sustainable approach to personal development. Here's why they may be a bad idea:


  1. Unrealistic Expectations: Many people set overly ambitious resolutions, which can set them up for failure. Unrealistic goals only lead to misery and feeling negative about yourself. A little counterproductive! 

  2. All-or-Nothing Mentality: Resolutions often come with an all-or-nothing mindset. If you don't achieve you goals perfectly, you may feel a sense of failure and give up entirely, leading to more misery and feeling negative about yourself.

  3. Lack of Planning: Many resolutions are made impulsively without a concrete plan for achieving them. Without a well-thought-out strategy, you may struggle to overcome obstacles and stay committed to your goals long term.

  4. Inflexibility: Resolutions are often set at the beginning of the year and may not adapt well to changing circumstances. Life is dynamic (don't we know it!), and goals that seemed relevant in January might not be as important later in the year.

  5. Negative Emotions: Failing to achieve resolutions can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, or inadequacy. These negative emotions can be counterproductive and may even hinder personal growth (and lead to misery and feeling negative about yourself. Are you noticing a pattern?).

  6. Continuous Improvement is Better: A mindset of continuous improvement, where you strive to be a better version of yourself throughout the year is more effective than focusing on a single set of resolutions. Constantly reassessing and adjusting goals allows for greater adaptability.


The effectiveness of New Year's resolutions varies from person to person. Some people find them motivating and use them as a positive tool for self-improvement, while others may find alternative approaches, such as setting smaller, more achievable goals throughout the year, to be more beneficial.

Which are you? I certainly respond well to goals and targets, however, I have learnt over the years, to let things go if they become unachievable! I'd love to hear about any resolutions you do decide to take up.

Verity xx


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