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Who are WN2L?

Welcome to What's Not 2 Love!

We're so pleased you've found us. We're a family run boutique based in the hills of North Wales and our mission is to make you feel fabulous.

Picture of me with Chase the cocker spaniel

When I say family run, I mostly mean me (Verity) and my helpful assistant, Chase. Although he's not actually that helpful. But is very good. He's terrible at modelling, taking pictures, packing orders and trips to our supplier can be a nightmare. However, he does keep me smiling and I'm never alone! I can't not mention my gorgeous other half, Sef who supports me every day. If I'm struggling physically, he's been known to pack orders for me, although he's another who's no good at the modelling. My parents have also been involved at various stages, whether it be packing, modelling, lumping things around, you name it!

After a lifetime of health issues and growing up with rheumatoid arthritis, body image and loving yourself is something that I've always struggled with and it's taken me 38 years to get to the point of acceptance. My weight had always been all over the place depending on what stage of self loathing I was at, so it was only when I put less importance on weight that I was able to accept myself a little more. It's an ongoing work in progress and there are always good days and bad days, but it's important to me to help other women who may think negatively about themselves.

Feeling good and looking good should not depend on your size, so I provide a broad range of 'sizeless' clothing that will make you feel great and look the business without being affected by a little number on a label! Your comfort, confidence and happiness are what's important to me so I choose styles that will boost and flatter you without breaking the bank.

Me and chase the cocker spaniel

Everything on the website is affordable and of the highest quality and I aim to make your shopping experience so easy and enjoyable that you'll come back for more. I add new arrivals regularly and stock can be in and out of stock quickly depending on demand, so it's important you check back and don't miss out! I'd rather keep updating styles often than keep the same clothes all season round. That's more fun, right?

I take great pride in the customer service I offer as I invest a great deal of time and energy into supporting you in order to offer the best shopping experience possible. Your entire shopping experience from browsing to wearing is all so important so if you're not happy, I'm not happy. If you ever have any issues, I want to know about it so I can turn it around.

Always remember my motto...… if you love it, wear it. No restrictions!

Much love and happy shopping,

Verity & Chase xx