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Friends & Chatter - Join our community!

Posted by What's Not 2 Love on

Time is passing, we don't know what day it is, we're missing friends and family and the things you enjoy doing in your 'spare time' are becoming a bit much. Turns out you can have too much of a good thing! But we're finding support and entertainment in the form of our Friends & Chatter community on Facebook! 

What's Not 2 Love - Friends & Chatter is a growing community of lovely ladies who enjoy sharing pictures of their WN2L goodies, life stories or just having a  giggle. It's a space for you to relax, be  yourself and more importantly, meet  like minded ladies and make friends. Plus, you'll get a heads up on new  arrivals, sneak peeks, competitions  AND there may be the occasional  discount....Shhhh!

We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and communicating with fun and down to earth ladies makes such a difference with that! We love hearing about your purchases and your thoughts and seeing your pictures just brightens up our day :)


The group is all about supporting each other and sharing the confidence we all deserve to feel. Regardless of size, shape, interests or circumstances, WE  ALL DESERVE TO FEEL FABULOUS  (darling)! We want you to see something you love and have the confidence to wear it because the only opinion that really matters, is your own.  



Whilst we do carry plenty of neutral options in store, we do have a taste for the slightly unusual. We love colour, prints and quirky styles and we always love to hear your feedback. Friends & Chatter is a fabulous way to communicate your tastes and gain new ideas and maybe tempt yourself into trying something new. 



To get you started with trying  something new, we'll deliver you next order for FREE (UK only) using code: BLOGFREE at the checkout. **Valid until 31st July 2020.

If you see something and you love it, wear it!

Happy shopping, WN2L Team xxx


Come and join the group here >> What's Not 2 Love - Friends & Chatter


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