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How are magic trousers so bloomin' comfy?!

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How are magic trousers so bloomin'comfy?


Magic Trousers are by far, a bestseller! But why is that? In this blog post, we're gong to pull them apart at the seams and discuss why you love them so much. 


"They have an elasticated waist".There are plenty of reasons to enjoy an elasticated waist and not just because we got used to being comfy at home during the pandemic!

This waistband will grow and shrink with you making these trousers amazing value for money. If you suffer with bloating or any condition that leads you to be uncomfortable when there's pressure around your middle, magic trousers will give you a new lease of life! No more feeling rubbish or checking to see if you can afford new trousers if you need a different size. These will stay with you throughout.

They're also incredibly practical. If you struggle with your grip or find it difficult to fiddle with buttons and zips, then these trousers can be a real lifesaver. No more worrying about loo trips when you're out for the day or even at home!



 "They fit so well around my legs!". - Most elasticated trousers stretch from side to side giving them a more comfortable fit than a standard, non-stretch trouser. That's where magic trousers have the edge...they stretch up and down too! The 4-way stretch make them stretch to fit YOU. Making them the perfect fit for whoever's legs are in them! The amount of 'give' that they offer make them feel like a second skin.


The fabric will stretch with you, making them ideal if you you suffer with any form of leg/joint swelling. If you're especially conscious of leg thickness, then our *Relaxed Fit* magic trousers might be what you're looking for, offering a more generous sizing around the leg.


magic trousers customer review


 "You can dress them up or down". - With an almost satin finish, it's difficult to decide whether you'd put them in the smart or casual brackets, making them perfect for both. Looking for something smart for work or an event, go for our basic range of colours in black, navy etc. Team them with your smart/evening shoes and all you need is a pretty top. Easy!

Wanting something casual for a lazy day around the house? Why not pick a bright pair  and team with your comfiest jumper and slippers. Sorted. Okay, so they're two about a comfy outfit for an evening out that shouts style (and effort made!) but fully elasticated? Yes please!

 Magic trousers customer review


relaxed fit magic trousers navy

"I prefer relaxed fit but my friend prefers standard fit". - Do you go for standard fit or relaxed fit? What's the difference? Don't worry, the fabric has the same amazing 4-way stretch in both, however, the relaxed fit are just that....more relaxed! They have a more generous leg width and a deeper gusset. So if you're at the lower end of the size range (16-26) then our relaxed fit will be more of a baggy trouser and giving a looser fit than our standard fit trousers that are more closer fitting.


To recap, magic trousers are the bees knees! They're perfect for all occasions leaving you feeling comfortable and ready for anything. Life's too short to feel restricted!


One more thing..."They have pockets!" - No explanation required.


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