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Seven ways to build confidence

Posted by What's Not 2 Love on

If, like us, the pandemic has changed your routines and what you would previously have classed as normal, no longer exists, your confidence levels have likely taken a knock. Our social lives have been restricted which means the confidence boosts you would normally get from your friends have been limited. 

Confidence is usually something "other people have" but not ourselves. More often than not, we see confidence in others and long to have just a taste of what it feels like. But did you know that there are people that look at you and think the same?

Portraying confidence and genuinely feeling confident are very different but one can certainly lead to the other. If you feel your confidence needs a little boost, read our seven ways to build confidence and see if there are any little changes you can make to help you feel better about yourself.


1. Stop comparing

We often compare the 'worst' in ourselves to the 'best' in others. Forget your flaws and focus on the things you love about yourself.

2. Check your inner chat

If you have lots of negative thoughts, choose some daily affirmations to counteract them (this takes practice but does work!).

3. Act confident, feel confident

Even if you don't feel it, fake it. Soon enough your inner self will catch up and start to feel it. After all, confidence is enjoyable and who doesn't want that?

4. Make a love list!

Next time someone says something nice about you, first say "thank you" and then make a note of it. Look back for a little self esteem boost next time you have a wobble. 

5. Choose your company wisely

If someone negatively affects your confidence, try and get some distance. These situations are usually less about you and more about their own issues.

6. Have feelgood friends

Create opportunities to be with those who encourage you and see the best in you.

7. Give it time

Choose what works and keep practising. The awkwardness will pass and you will notice a difference!


Okay, one more cheeky extra.....


We are all we have. Love your body, mind and spirit. They're all beautiful because they make you, you!


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